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Products and Services

On-location Services, Desk-based Consulting, and Training 

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On-Location Services

On-site Risk Assessment (RA)

Pendulum leads the healthcare industry in conducting on-site risk assessments. From the customized visit to the written report, Pendulum risk assessments are an effective tool utilized by insurance underwriters, agents, and brokers to make proactive and informed decisions regarding professional liability insurance coverage and market placement. The on-site risk assessment report also assists the insured provider with risk reduction strategies to minimize risk and improve defensibility. This report can be utilized by the provider in acquiring professional liability insurance. A written report of assessment findings, including recommendations, is sent to the client and insured after the assessment.

Infection Prevention and Control Assessment

Pendulum’s infection prevention and control assessment takes an in-depth look at a facility’s infection control program. Assessment areas include, but are not limited to: general guidelines relating to the infection control program; the role of the Infection Preventionist; Standard and Transmission-based precautions; the role of the Infection Control Committee; integration of the Infection Control Program with the Quality Program; surveillance, including environmental and ongoing monitoring; antibiotic stewardship; and staff training.

Focused On-site Consulting Services

Risk management consulting services may be customized to meet the needs of the organization. Examples include conducting a corporate risk readiness assessment, assisting with the development of a facility-based risk management program, development of specific high-risk policies and procedures, or focus on specific claims or clinical risk issues. The organization may also choose a focused survey review, examining areas of concerns based on regulatory survey deficiencies.

Hospice and Home Health Services

Pendulum offers a wide-variety of on-location services for hospice and home health care organizations, including our signature one-day professional liability risk assessments as well as focused reviews of specific areas of concern and customized clinical consulting. Pendulum’s hospice and home health care services are performed by highly skilled consultants who have direct experience as leaders in these fields.

Allied Health Services

Pendulum allied health risk management services include on-location consulting in the form of a traditional risk assessment or a focused review of an area in need. Desk-based work is also available for policy and procedure review or process overview. On-site and webinar training is available as well. Allied health encompasses those health professions that are distinct from medicine or nursing and represent 60 percent of all health care providers.

Customer Service Assessment

Care and services represent only one part of what a healthcare facility provides to its patients, residents, and clients. Customer service is another factor in providing care and services and its importance cannot be overstated. Organizations that don’t promote exceptional customer service to their patients, residents, clients, and their families run the risk of not only litigation, but possible poor regulatory survey outcomes and reduced census. This assessment, performed by a seasoned, customer service-focused risk management specialist, evaluates an organization’s key policies and practices. A report with practical recommendations for program enhancement is provided.

HUD Risk Management Services

Pendulum HUD assessments reflect various HUD requirements addressing both risk management and Quality of Care. In addition to an operational and clinical risk management review, these assessments include a more in-depth analysis of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) categories including the overall star rating of a facility, health inspections, staffing, quality of resident care and measures, and deficiency trends. A review of the facility’s compliance, ethics, and infection control program is also included.


Pendulum offers other services to meet specific HUD requirements, including event management system review and third-party review of incidents.

Medical Record Procurement Service

The medical record procurement service provides professional resources to locate medical records and other related documents needed to effectively defend a claim, such as administrative, financial, and personnel records. The Pendulum team, led by a seasoned healthcare consultant, will search records to find documents pertinent to the case. Knowing the focus of the claim, the team will zero in on any related documents. If desired, the team can use a client-provided list of specific items that it needs to find (e.g., general resident-related documents; documents related to narcotics, finance, budget, and surveys; employee files; emails; information requested by plaintiffs; etc.). With Pendulum’s 20 years of experience inside long term care facilities, our team knows the places to look—and what to look for—to enhance defensibility, but this service extends outside of the long term care arena and is suitable for any healthcare organization.

Hospital Assessment

Pendulum’s on-location services for hospitals are designed to help identify opportunities for risk reduction and enhancement of defensibility. Over the course of one or two days, one of Pendulum’s expert consultants will visit the hospital and conduct an extensive review of a clinical or operational focus area(s). The areas of review selected typically have high risk and/or regulatory exposures. Recommendations on how to reduce risk and improve defensibility are offered throughout the process and in a comprehensive report provided to the facility.

OIG Compliance Assessment

The OIG Compliance Program Assessment is a one-day assessment with a focus on the structure of the organization’s compliance program, communication and reporting systems and processes, internal audit, assessment, and monitoring processes as well as the compliance training program. Recommendations on how to develop or enhance the compliance program are provided in a comprehensive report to the client.

HIPAA/HITECH Compliance Assessment

Pendulum offers organizations a privacy and security compliance and risk assessment that serves to evaluate an organization’s compliance with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) privacy and security standards and assess the overall security, integrity, and associated processes to ensure the proper management of protected health information. Each professional compliance assessment includes real-time consulting services during the assessment process as well as a detailed report with current recommended best practices.

Cyber Vulnerability Assessment

Data breaches are on the rise. A proactive approach to cyber security is essential, given the extreme impact on businesses. The average breach in 2020 cost $2.64 million dollars for organizations with fewer than 500 employees.

Pendulum, powered by Ardham Technologies, offers a Cyber Vulnerability Assessment that provides your organization analysis and guidance on the overall effectiveness of information security measures. Ardham’s security engineers combine years of experience with advanced assessment methods, sophisticated tools, and a customized approach to identify actual real-world threats to your organization. Once the threats are identified, recommendations are provided to improve your cyber security posture and secure your data.

Life Safety Assessment

The life safety assessment is modeled after the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ Fire Safety Survey Report Code – Health Care form and is a specialized service that can be utilized as part of the plan-of-correction process following a poor regulatory survey or to help a facility prepare for compliance and utilize best practices in advance of a survey.

Security Vulnerability Assessment

Pendulum has partnered with Sorensen, Wilder & Associates, a nationally recognized leader in safety and security, to help hospitals, healthcare facilities, schools, and other organizations identify areas of vulnerability and provide specific guidance on improving weaknesses. The security vulnerability assessment process, which includes an on-location visit by a qualified professional and a comprehensive written report, is customized to fit the needs of an organization and its staff and is designed to help close gaps in critical security and safety systems.

Mock OSHA Audits

Pendulum, LLC, in association with Sorensen, Wilder and Associates, is pleased to offer mock OSHA audits for long term care facilities. These audits, performed by certified and experienced healthcare safety professionals, provide a comprehensive review of a facility’s safety management program, taking the same approach an OSHA compliance officer would take. Avoid the enforcement and severe monetary penalties OSHA may give by identifying and correcting areas of noncompliance within your facility.

Emergency Operations Plan Assessment

The emergency operations plan assessment is a multi-discipline, systematic process that provides administrators and organizational leadership with an unbiased, objective evaluation of a facility’s disaster planning and emergency management programs. Disaster specialists utilize document review, inventory analysis, human resources assessments, and a physical plant survey to provide a complete evaluation of a facility’s state of readiness as well as compliance with recommended practices. The completed process features a comprehensive report with detailed recommendations to help a facility develop reliable plans of correction and contingencies.


Pendulum Emergency Operations Plan Assessment


Comprehensive Desk-based Risk Management Assessment

The comprehensive desk-based assessment is an effective tool utilized by insurance underwriters, agents, brokers, and providers to make proactive and informed decisions regarding risk and defensibility. This assessment may be conducted in lieu of the on-site risk assessment and includes review of the same operational and clinical professional liability risks as the on-site review with a virtual component for the tour and review of resident records. A written report covering the same content as the on-site risk assessment report (findings and recommendations) is sent to the client and insured after the assessment. The assessment is available to service providers and allied health insureds as well.


Pendulum’s infection prevention and control assessment is also available as a comprehensive desk-based assessment.

Desk Audits

Pendulum offers five desk audits as a convenient alternative to an on-site or comprehensive desk-based assessment. Desk audits are usually completed with a review of specific records (policies, procedures, regulatory survey results, etc.) relating to a high-risk area(s) and a phone interview session with the organization representative. Desk audits available are:

  • Pendulum Professional Liability Desk Audit
  • Pendulum Falls Focused Desk Audits
  • Pendulum Skin Focused Desk Audits
  • Pendulum Emergency Operations Plan Desk Audit
  • Pendulum Office of Inspector General (OIG) Compliance Program Desk Audit

Pendulum’s AssistLine offers easy access to answers for risk management questions and puts a facility within reach of consultant feedback and referral sources on risk and defensibility issues.


Customer Service Training

Pendulum’s Customer Service—Service Excellence Training Program will give your staff, managers, and leaders practical knowledge and techniques to strengthen your customer service program. This is an on-location training program and is customized based on the team members that will be attending the training, with the number of days determined by the topics to be covered and the number of times and locations for the presentation.

Focused Training

Pendulum’s focused training is created to suit each client’s specific needs. Training on many topics related to risk management and specialty programs is available. Training can be conducted on-location or remotely via a live or recorded webinar.

Pendulum Armed Intruder and Active Shooter Program

Are you ready if an armed intruder enters your building? This nationally accredited program starts with preparedness and runs through how an organization’s staff can protect themselves and remain safe during an active hostile event.

Pendulum Products and Tools

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Web-based Tools

Pendulum Risk Management Resource Center for Senior Housing

Through an annual subscription to the Pendulum Risk Management Resource Center for Senior Housing, users may access numerous documents online to assist the facility administrator or clinician in the management of risk in the healthcare setting.

The Pendulum Risk Management Resource Center is updated regularly to ensure users are viewing current information on issues and trends in the healthcare setting.

Enterprise Risk Management

Pendulum’s Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is a Web-based system that will help a facility develop a strategic risk management plan. ERM allows facility staff to assess the probability and impact of internal and external risk events in operational/clinical, environmental, legal/regulatory, human resources, technology, financial, and strategic areas. Based on the facility’s priorities, the system generates a comprehensive action plan with assigned tasks and timelines. Implementing ERM program can not only reduce liability risks and the potential for financial loss, but also enhance quality outcomes and reputation.

Risk Management Tools

Pendulum Information and Training Modules

Pendulum’s information and training modules are designed to assist all levels of facility staff in managing high risk topics. Modules contain sample policies and procedures and best practices pertaining to the high risk topic and in-service training programs are also included. The modules provide information for both the skilled nursing and assisted living setting or a combination of both.

Skilled Nursing Facility Survey Data Reports

This comprehensive report presents facility deficiency history and resident census and conditions information in an easy-to-read color graphic format. The report contains recent survey data and includes F-tag references. Resident census data includes the number of licensed beds by payer type. A set of bar graphs allows comparative analysis of facility data against the state and is an appropriate tool for use in board presentations and staff training.

Emergency Preparedness Planning and Resource Manual

The Emergency Preparedness Planning and Resource Manual is a facility’s guide to creating a customized disaster and emergency plan. Starting with a hazard and vulnerability assessment to after-incident recovery and plan maintenance, the manual helps the facility develop an individualized plan. This thorough manual now includes a USB flash drive to actually create a customized plan that can be printed out and distributed within the facility.

Expectations Management DVDs

Pendulum offers two DVDs to use for expectations management. A Time of Transition is an excellent risk management tool for SNFs that is intended to be the first step in an ongoing process of communication with family members/responsible parties. It is produced by the Ohio Health Care Association and Rolf & Goffman Co., LPA. Setting Realistic Expectations will help answer most families’ questions with its honest presentation of life in an assisted living facility. Specifically for ALFs, this DVD educates on the general care and services provided by ALFs. It is produced by Extended Care Products, Inc.

In-service Training DVDs

Pendulum has a wide variety of in-service training DVDs available to clients. Professionally produced by Pendulum affiliate firms, these DVDs can be utilized to help the facility mitigate risk through the implementation of specific risk prevention programs. The DVDs can also lead to a higher level of risk awareness and improved operations by using them for the orientation of new hires or providing regular in-service training to staff members.

Staff Development Tools

Pendulum has a wide variety of staff development tools available through our affiliate firms. Covering the high-risk areas of falls, skin, and elopement to behavior issues and infections, these tools are available for front line and clinical staff.

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