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Medical Record Procurement Service

Team working on analytic project

The medical record procurement service provides professional resources to locate medical records and other related documents needed to effectively defend a claim, such as administrative, financial, and personnel records. The Pendulum team, led by a seasoned healthcare consultant, will search records to find documents pertinent to the case. Knowing the focus of the claim, the team will zero in on any related documents. If desired, the team can use a client-provided list of specific items that it needs to find (e.g., general resident-related documents; documents related to narcotics, finance, budget, and surveys; employee files; emails; information requested by plaintiffs; etc.). With Pendulum’s 20 years of experience inside long term care facilities, our team knows the places to look—and what to look for—to enhance defensibility, but this service extends outside of the long term care arena and is suitable for any healthcare organization.

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