Cindi Falcone, RN - Pendulum Risk
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Cindi Falcone, RN

With an extensive clinical and risk management background, Cindi joined Pendulum in 2003. She oversees the Risk Management Program and Pendulum’s large network of independent risk control consultants.


As a member of the Executive Team, Cindi is actively involved in the ongoing development of risk management services and products. Her risk and clinical experience include working for a national long term care company as a Corporate Risk Manager and positions as a Director of Clinical Support Services and Utilization for a Health Plan, Physician Practice Manager, and Director of Critical Care Services.


Cindi holds a Bachelor of Science in Health Administration.


After 20 years with Pendulum, Cindi will retire as Director Risk Management in May 2023. Luckily for us, Cindi will join our team of independent consultants to continue bringing her expertise to Pendulum.